Source: The Buffalo News
June 23, 2016

The rainbow pride flag that was displayed outside Allentown’s !Buen Vivir! Gallery for Contemporary Art has been stolen, gallery officials reported Thursday.

“While this may seem like an ‘insignificant larceny,’ we are taking this act very seriously,” said Orin Langelle, gallery director. “After the acts of violence in Orlando and the long history of repression against the LGBTQ community we cannot take it lightly. We will most likely never know if this was a deliberate act of hate, a warning to the LBGTQ community or our gallery or just a senseless theft, but we think it is important that the public is aware.”

The flag has flown outside the gallery at 148 Elmwood Ave. since the beginning of June, in honor of Pride Month and the 25th anniversary of Buffalo’s first Pride celebration.

Carolyn Lansom, a gallery manager, said Buffalo Police were notified about the flag theft. A crime report listed the offense as petit larceny.